We began business in 1998 offering inventory logistics and product lifecycle consulting including technology procurement and dispositioning services to companies domestic and worldwide.

In 2002 we became known by our current name, Adminicle when we began offering superior IT Support to the Merrimack Valley region. Through referrals and immediate demand for our hands-on friendly approach we quickly expanded the footprint for our managed services to include customers in regions including Boston, The North Shore, Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire.

Through our vendor alliances we were able to begin offering complete managed services making Adminicle a single point of contact for purchasing and support of desktops, laptops, servers and storage arrays, network cabling and equipment, office products and supplies, phone systems, secure data destruction and equipment dispositioning for end of life products.

In 2006 our service offerings increased yet again to include additional consulting services allowing us to leverage the knowledge of our experience to assist new and established businesses alike to increase profits and efficiency within organizations.

In 2006 we also introduced our own line of environmentally friendly computers. The VerdePC™ series offered state of the art technology filling a gap for those who wanted to be environmentally friendly without impacting their computing performance and usage. The VerdePC Line of Computers utilized low consumption power supplies and were completely RoHS Compliant (No Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and other hazardous substances) which was not available from any major manufacturers at the time.

2008 marked our ten year anniversary. Our customer base has grown considerably in recent years and now includes the Department of Transportation and New England Medical Center.

We look forward to continuing our growth and providing flexible solutions to our customers. We are always prompt to reply to questions and concerns so contact us today to discuss how we can work together and help your company thrive this year! 

- Jonathan Aronson
   Managing Partner